hey I'm Jennifer

Tri-state area and destination videographer + photographer  

My approach is to truly get to know and understand my clients. By doing this I am able to prioritize your personal preferences, create a unique experience and document memories in a style that will leave you feeling like you're reliving your wedding day over and over again every time you watch your video or look at your photos.

How It Began

“I know you can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?” Because that was me. looking back on my wedding day.

I planned my own wedding in less than a month during a pandemic. And Photo + Video were the most important things to me so obv. they were the first things I booked.

Although I loved my wedding day and so many aspects of it, I couldn't help but feel when I looked back on my day, that there were parts missing, that could have been documented better to feel more authentic between my partner and I.

It was after that, that I realized I never wanted anyone else to feel that way, and I decided to start documenting weddings in a way I had wished mine would have been.

My ultimate goal is to make sure your wedding is truly you.

let's work together!

some of my

favorite things

Makes sense I video weddings now..lol
I know, I know, they’re movies, but isn't there something a little more real to a rom com than a romance movie? I know for me there is, I love being able to feel the emotions a rom com depicts, and I would say that style flows over to how I am at weddings. GIve me a day where I can laugh and cry at the same time, and I'm a happy camper.


If it's a rom com, I've seen it.

When I'm not working or renovating our new home, I love kicking back with hubs, and drinking a margarita. – A Spicy one, always has my name on it.

If it's Margarita time, COUNT ME IN


My background in science would lead most people to assume I have an incredible eye for detail, and although I'm a pretty detailed person, I actually loved science because it was a challenging environment that would promote growth + improvement in all areas of my life.

Always Up for a Challenge + Improvement